Analisis Teknis

Methods of technical analysis

Methods to analyze the data from the past of the market which is the data of the price, volume and open interest for the price trend can be predicted in the future. Price movements is presented in the form of a graph (chart). (Read more… GRAPHS/CHARTS)


This method is subjective on the one hand have a weakness, that is very subjective, but on the other hand this method has the benefits which is unbeatable by mechanical / computerized method, the more simple of the using and “leading” (precede) market movement. (Read more… SUBJECTIVE METHOD)


This method is based on the mathematics of statistics field which is objective and logical. So that the trader may have interpretation that the same for a particular condition that is shown by the indicator Computers. Of course if the trader is understand the uses of appropriate indicators before appropriately and correctly. Advantage compared with the subjective method is carry out by emotional factors when making a decision. (Read more… MECHANICAL /COMPUTERIZED)